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Augmented reality in manufacturing

buildings augmented reality manufacturingSheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), a UK manufacturing research group, has become one of the first organisations to get a delivery of Microsoft’s new HoloLens technology.

The research group will build on work carried out by AMRC’s Integrated Manufacturing Group (IMG) into using augmented and virtual reality in manufacturing. They will look into how the technology can be used in the manufacturing industry and how it can benefit the manufacturing process.

The HoloLens technology is a wearable holographic computer that can be used for augmented reality applications. The acquisition of the product will give IMG increased expertise in the field of Mixed Reality (MR).

Augmented Reality (AR) creates a live direct or indirect view of the real world and augments it with computer-generated input. MR allows users to see as well as move 3D holographic in the real world.

There are many uses of the technology, including showing clients how the finished product will look before doing the task for real. IMG recently showed delegates how they could move a full sized holographic image of a robot around its building and put the robot through its paces.

Manufacturing is not standing still. Innovations that enhance processes are frequent, and there are many technologies that are changing the industry.

F1 Manufacturing embrace the latest technologies to ensure that we offer the best end product for our clients. We look forward to seeing how augmented reality can be used in the industry.

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