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Benefits of using metal for architecture

benefits of uding metal for architectureArchitects, designers and contractors have used metal above many other options for a number of years; it is energy efficient, low maintenance and durable. The material’s other attributes such as its clean look and visual appeal has led metal to become the material of choice for a range of purposes.

Here are some of the main benefits of using metal for architecture :


By using metal, architects can achieve virtually any look that they have envisaged because of its flexibility and variety of finishes. Architects and designers like metal’s ability to meet their artistic imaginations, while still providing the ability to design a structure that is both safe and resilient.


The decreased construction times associated with metal mean that savings are made on labour time. Savings can also come from the material’s longevity:

  • Its durability means that little maintenance, repairs and replacements are required.
  • Metal structures are known to be more resilient in the worst of weather conditions e.g. high winds and heavy snow. Insurance companies often offer a lower premium for metal buildings/structures.
  • Better lifecycle; in general, metal construction has a life of around 40 years.


Almost all metals are recyclable. 80 million tonnes of steel is recycled each year, making it the world’s most recycled product. This recyclability, combined with its energy efficiency qualities make metal a very sustainable option.

We have experience in both large and small scale architectural metalwork production. Whilst volume production of components is a well-known part of the business, F1 Manufacturing also has the in-house capability to manufacture large structures.

Our services have been used to create metal structures including spiral staircases, internal office balconies, entrance canopies for hotels and balustrades for apartments.

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