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How effective are your POP displays?

POS POP displaysPoint of sale (POS) and point of purchase (POP) displays are essential for retailers looking to attract customers to promotions, deals and new product lines. They are effective for a range of products and can be designed specifically for a particular item.

Despite the rise in online shopping, a trip to brick-and-mortar stores remains the most popular way to shop. With so much competition in retail stores it can be difficult to get the customer’s attention. A POP display is crucial to stand out and inspire impulse buys or a brand switch.

Here are some ways to get the best out of a POP display:

Choose the right material

It is common for brands to choose the least expensive route to produce a POP display. This results in a low-standard display with a short lifecycle. Displays made with quality and durable materials can withstand transportation, cleaning and in-store contact.

The appearance of the display also has a knock-on effect on the perceived quality of the product. A well-designed POP display will reflect a perception of the same quality to the associated product.

Target the right customer

Your display needs to be designed to match your target customers. With all design decisions, the target audience should be at the forefront of the mind, whether it’s the colour, text, layout or graphics. It is beneficial to understand your audience’s likes, dislikes and preferences, and then create your display accordingly.

Track display execution

It can be difficult to determine if an in-store display has been executed properly if it is present in a number of retailers. An amount of trust is put in each retailer’s ability to install the POP display correctly.  Brands need to oversee in-store efforts by having transparency with each retailer throughout the entire project, from when it is installed to when it’s removed.

F1 Manufacturing have been well known as specialists in the supply of point of sale and point of purchase equipment for many years. We have worked on projects of various sizes involving a wide range of products. Here is an example of our work for a well-known sports brand.

Our engineering design team work closely with you to make your ideas into fully realised plans, and then provide you with a prototype, allowing you to see and approve your product before it is manufactured.

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