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Robotics and the future of manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is continually evolving and transforming, especially in recent years. Technology is improving at a rate that is faster than ever before. This technology is now making its way into most industries, including manufacturing.

The most exciting of these emerging technologies, within manufacturing at least, is perhaps the use of automated robotics. But as the attention of the industry is drawn to automation, robotics, sensors and the internet of things, it’s important to remember that human skill is, and will always be, essential. Joining these two forces is key to the success of their implementation in the work environment.

Joining the humans and technology

The human touch should play an important role in the usability and design of these machines. The two need to be integrated for the greater good of the industry. While the technologies can improve productivity, the quality and skills of the team enables differentiation.

When the new technologies are implemented, there needs to be an introduction for the team, operator training, and other plans to enhance people’s willingness to learn. Doing so will increase acceptance, a vital part in achieving success.

There is no questioning that the manufacturing workplace will look much different in ten years’ time than what it does now. However, how it will look remains a mystery. Whatever the technologies or developments, though, enabling a human touch and using the skills of the workforce is crucial. A human/robot design can take the strengths from each to create a system that greatens UK manufacturing.

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