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Manufacturers advised to grasp digital manufacturing possibilities

car productionAt a conference by the Manufacturing Technology Centre, a group of industry leaders across Europe have strongly advised that the UK make use of the opportunities presented by implementing the latest digital technology in factories.

Advancements in technology have meant that digital is transforming everyday manufacturing on a global scale. Using digital technology changes the very nature of how tasks are completed, no matter how their scale. The benefits can include higher precision and speed and it is for these reasons that industry leaders say that companies need to invest in automation to reap the benefits and unlock the full potential.

The Digitising Manufacturing 2016 event aims to mobilise the industry and embrace technology changes to drive the digitisation of the UK manufacturing sector.

Professor Ken Young, MTC technology director said: “The pace of change and innovation is increasing and the digitising of the manufacturing sector is going to have an impact on everybody. However, I am impressed by the distance travelled since the 2015 conference which is a great sign of things to come.”

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), too, has called for digital manufacturing growth over the next two decades. Their report highlights the benefits of digital manufacturing to the automotive industry specifically and claiming a £74bn gain to the wider UK economy by 2035.

Progression needs to be implemented and technology needs to be embraced to keep the UK as a major manufacturing location.

F1 Manufacturing continue to embrace technologies that help to ensure the best end product for our clients. 2016 has seen great advancements and we look forward to seeing what technology is created in 2017 to help with the manufacturing process.

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