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Case studies

Case Study: POP/POS equipment 

F1 Manufacturing was approached by a design company that deals with many well-known sporting brands to manufacture a bespoke range of POP and POS equipment, following a recommendation from a previous client.

Despite working in design, the company’s decision to work with F1 Manufacturing was heavily influenced by our in-house design offering, as they were looking for an outside design perspective when it came to creating materials for a major client in the sporting brand industry.

F1 was commissioned to help on all aspects of a project for the company, from initial design of display units, retail units and furniture, to prototype development and manufacture. The company worked closely with F1’s product development team, using SolidWorks CAD software to create a series of potential designs for each type of unit….Learn more

Case Study: Quick turnaround 

F1 Manufacturing was approached by a multinational manufacturer of office equipment to aid in the production of the metal components used in their desks and drawers in early 2013. The company already used a manufacturer in the North of England to provide their wooden components, but had used a firm in China to produce metal components, including handles, fixings, locks and runners.

However, whilst the company had initially turned to production in Dalian (in the north of China) due to the significant savings on volume production, they had experienced increasing frustration…Learn more

Case Study: From start to finished item

Based in the Midlands, F1 Manufacturing have been producing and delivering high quality components and parts, creating everything from the initial design to the finished product, for the past 25 years.

F1 Manufacturing were approached by a company with 5 UK offices that specialise in making electrical lighting systems for cruise ships and other components for the shipping container industry. The company exports their products to Europe and further afield, and had previously been using overseas manufacturers to produce their lighting systems.

The company came to F1 with the basic design for a new style of light fixture… Learn more


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