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The days of mass manufacturing may be lost to overseas production, involving cheap labour and subsidised factories, but increasing numbers of companies are returning elements of production back to a skilled and competitive UK workforce.

Here are the top 5 reasons why UK manufacturing is on the up and continuing to rise:


If all elements of your production process are as predictable then you can wait for months for volume orders to be produced and then shipped from the other side of the world. But if elements of your manufacturing assembly process need to be flexible, then using a UK based manufacturing company is strongly advised. Keeping a supplier on standby to fulfil orders OR using a UK manufacturer for regular elements of the order can prove a useful and cost effective way to keep the production process rolling.


The wait is over, the materials have arrived after several months from a distant shore – but wait – the component you ordered is 0.5mm too small. Or is made of inferior quality material. Or is made from an alloy that isn’t up to the job. At F1 Manufacturing we have heard a hundred stories about overseas manufacturing letting down clients – and they turned to us as an alternative. Any test materials can be rapidly delivered to your premises for inspection and then put into production straight away after approval.


Overseas factories may pay extremely low wages, force staff to endure unsafe work conditions and have their production process artificially subsidised by their government. However, even with all of that, by the time the delay to your production and the cost of transportation is factored in, then it often does not work out much cheaper unless massive volumes are ordered.


As Oscar Wilde famously said “nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” And whilst it’s true that many people go for the cheapest, lowest price option, this often will not offer us the best value. British manufacturing companies like F1 Manufacturing have a wealth of expertise. For example, our design team can offer advice on how you may be able to improve the component to make it lighter, more durable or even cheaper to produce. So the cheapest option isn’t actually the best value.


For most of us communication by email and phone is a big part of our work lives, but knowing that from 8.30 in the morning ‘til 5.30 at night your contact is going to be available is a big comfort. Even better is knowing that if there is an issue we are never more than a short drive away to answer any questions face to face.

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